About Us

Welcome to Luxury Yacht Group

Luxury Yacht Group provides imaginative, creative solutions for yacht management, crew placement, sales and charter. We developed and continually refine the largest database in the industry. Our team has advanced degrees in management, business, engineering, marketing and design, as well as practical, on board yachting experience. We are a small, elite group with powerful, global leverage.

Founder and President Rupert Connor clearly identified that most problems with yachts begin with a crewmember. He launched Luxury Yacht Group in 2001 with a great emphasis on building the world’s largest crew agency. Driven by a keen understanding of the right way to operate a yacht successfully, he rapidly expanded to include yacht operations, charter and sales.

Luxury Yacht Group has superb in-house talent working behind the scenes. Our Creative Director, Photographer and Writer apply a level of artistry to marketing your yacht that far exceeds the abilities of most of our competitors. Our accountants have years of experience in yacht management. Our technical team creates proprietary solutions no other company can access. We build custom tools that deliver quantifiable results.

Consult with charter professionals who understand your priorities. We have visited the destinations, know the crews, and have personal experience on board charter yachts worldwide. We work hard to maximize your enjoyment and fiscal return.

Our sales team has longterm relationships with yacht owners, because yachting is not a passing fancy, it’s a life-long passion. We know that looks can be deceiving, which is why we leverage our very strong data and background information to quantify the value of every vessel we sell.

Luxury Yacht Group is small by design. We rely on each other’s input, benefit from shared experiences, and work together to exceed expectations. We are proud to be innovators, to overcome logistical and technical challenges by thinking outside the box and providing solutions that are exciting, work better and cost less.