Madison Smith Crew Coordinator

Madison grew up in New England and often spent time with her dad visiting the islands just off the coast in his cabin cruiser. After meeting some yacht crew who gushed about their lifestyle and work, Madison had felt she stumbled on the perfect career opportunity!

After completing her marketing degree at Tulane University, she hopped on a bus to Florida and began her five year adventure in yachting. Having worked her way up to the role of chief stew on smaller vessels, and then spent the last couple years freelancing, a desire to go land-based led Madison to a job at Luxury Yacht Group where she could stay connected to the industry she had become so passionate about.

Having experienced a variety of programs has provided Madison with the knowledge and understanding necessary in helping crew find their perfect role. She understands that every program is unique, and what makes a crewmember a good fit is different for every vessel. Madison is excited to remain a part of such an exciting industry full of diverse and interesting people.

In her spare time, Madison loves spending time with her new puppy and her family, practicing and teaching yoga, and heading out on the water on her center console.