Crew Administration

Luxury Yacht Group leads the industry in global crew placement so it follows that support with crew administration seamlessly integrates into your shore support contract.

Search and Selection

The crew is fundamental to the success of the yacht. The appointment and retention of qualified crew can be one of the biggest problems for an owner. Luxury Yacht Groups extensive data base and established recruiting techniques allows us to provide the yacht with the most qualified and appropriate crew. Our vetting procedure assures that the crew member is suitable for employment on each particular yacht. Interviews are conducted with one of our coordinators followed by reference checks. If required background checks may also be conducted.

Crew Contracts and Administration

Contracts - We are able to issue and administer employment contracts and confidentiality agreements. Crew Logistics - Assistance can be provided for crew logistics, such as travel, immigration letters, visa requirements and mail forwarding. Crew Payroll - The financial accounting team can execute crew payroll on your behalf with due regard to your statutory liability to taxes. Insurance - Assess insurance coverage for crew assist with any claims where necessary


In conjunction with the Captain we will assist with crew performance assessments and make recommendations to the owner. We will also provide the crew with career guidance and advice on training. To facilitate the safe and efficient operation of the yacht the crew needs to maintain necessary licenses and continue training so that applicable skill levels and career advancement can be accomplished.