How to Sell a Yacht


Selling your yacht is an important and emotional decision and you want to make sure that you are surrounded by the best team that has experience, diplomacy and competence. Our sales team are dedicated professionals that can draw upon an extensive database of anticipated buyers.

Marketing of the yacht is the most important focus in the selling process. By showcasing the yacht’s best features Luxury Yacht Group will design a comprehensive marketing package and employ an assortment of marketing initiatives to reach the potential buyers. Our services include: a featured yacht and online brochure on our website, multiple listings on industry websites, extensive advertising in industry and lifestyle magazines, press releases, open house events and boat shows. Additionally, through our database we match clientele interested in the specifics of your yacht and contact them.

In closing the deal the Luxury Yacht Group team is accomplished at negotiating and proficient with the finer details of the contract. We will happily assist any owner who wishes to sell his yacht.