Marcy Laturno Director of Crew Placement & Charter Specialist

Originally from La Jolla, CA, Marcy moved to Florida after college to start her career in yachting. Entering as a Stewardess and quickly moving up the ranks to Chief Stewardess and later Chef, Marcy spent 8 years on board yachts before she came to Luxury Yacht Group. Now in her 14th year with the company, Marcy is involved in numerous aspects of the business, but specializes in crew placement and charter. Marcy’s inside and out knowledge of the yachting industry gives her the ability to not only lead the Crew Placement department in matching owners with the best crew candidates possible, but also in locating the dream vacation yacht for charter clients.

Marcy’s expertise has landed her in several yachting magazines, including the Crew Report, Dockwalk, and Show Boats International. With a dynamic personality and industry know how, Marcy is known as a yachting industry resource and influencer.

After many years of splitting her time between Antibes and Florida, now Marcy resides in Florida with her daughter and their three doggies, Coco Chanel, Marshmellow and Lilly, two bunnies, Hop and Pepper, and more recent additions, Streaker and Cinnabon, their mini pigs.

In her spare time, Marcy enjoys various activates with her Girl Scout Troop and also enjoys keeping fit, bike riding, swimming and hiking.