Scott Harwood Crew Coordinator

Scott was born and raised in North Carolina and despite not living there since 2011 he still calls the state his home. He takes every opportunity he gets to travel back to North Carolina to either watch his beloved NC State Wolfpack play football or to fly fish for trout.

He joined the yachting industry on a whim over four years ago and was lucky enough to get his first job as a deckhand within a week on a prestigious boat in the industry. He has worked permanently on three different vessels, all 148ft in length, in both deck and engineering capacities. His time in the industry has allowed him to travel all over the world from the Caribbean to Asia and experience all aspects of how the industry operates.

While he loved the places he was able to see while in the industry, an opportunity with Luxury Yacht Group was not one Scott was willing to pass up as he had developed a fantastic relationship with several of the crew coordinators over the years and wanted to go land based. His experience with Luxury Yacht Group and the experience he has had with other agencies in the industry allows him to understand from a crew members point of view what’s needed to cultivate a meaningful relationship that actually meets the needs of crew. He looks forward to applying his knowledge of the industry and experience on both sides of the job hunt to use in matching crew members with available opportunities that meet both their needs and those of employers.