Adora Wisdom Accounting Department

Adora was born in Venezuela but grew up in Texas, the place she calls home. She is energetic and passionate, always bringing her entrepreneurial spirit into whatever field she is pursuing whether it be fashion design, restaurant ownership or working within the yachting industry.

What Adora Brings to Luxury Yacht Group:

  • A background in yacht management
  • A business owner’s perspective to each project she works on
  • A practical understanding of what it entails to be crew on board a yacht

In yachting, Adora has been a chef, purser and more recently in yacht management alongside her husband. While juggling her different ventures and the start of her family in Florida, she opened Taco Grill, a Mexican restaurant where she welcomed fellow yachties and anyone in search of authentic Mexican cuisine.

As her family continued to grow, Adora was thrilled by the chance to join the Luxury Yacht Group team. As she put it, "Luxury Yacht Group had a huge impact on my yachting career, and I was happy to join a family I already felt a part of". Genuinely proud to be part of the team, Adora is putting her time and experience in the yachting industry to work as our special projects coordinator.

Adora lives in Fort Lauderdale with her husband, captain Zayn Berlin, and their four children. She is a lover of all animals and currently has two rescue dogs, a rescue cat, a rescue iguana and chickens to name a few.