Hollie Franke Crew Coordinator

Hollie was born in Tennessee USA but grew up in Guayaquil, Ecuador from a mere 2 months old. Life involved escaping the city to the beach on weekends which meant fun, freedom and most importantly, family. Hollie attended high school in Puerto Rico, exploring and enjoying the Caribbean, prior to earning degrees at Florida colleges in both English, and Fashion Design and Merchandising.

Months before graduating from the American Art Institute, Hollie attended the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show for the first time, which changed her life forever. The yachts and the rad people in the industry proved irresistible. Hollie went straight away to earn her Yachting Certifications and two days later, right in the LuxYachts conference room, Hollie was thrilled to accept her first Stewardess position aboard the popular M/Y Starship.

For the next decade, Hollie remained close to the team at LuxYachts, and when she was told a position as a Crew Coordinator had opened up she jumped at it. She says, "It was the best move of my life".

A smile lights her face when Hollie continues, "Most of all, I love my chickens, that's what I call my crew, and developing those relationships. It is a very emotional time in life to be on the job hunt, some people laugh, some cry, and I am elated to be there for them, to see them through- all 145,000-and-growing-in-our-database." For Hollie, the people in her life are her priority, a value that will never change.