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Yacht Position : Senior Master

A Yacht Senior Master Salary with 10+ years of experience is between $14,000 and $20,000 per month

About the Senior Master

The senior master onboard a yacht possesses in depth knowledge of superyacht management and safety, financial administration, private and commercial programs as well as navigational expertise in multiple cruising areas. This position requires a consistent record of longevity, excellent owner references and first-rate crew management resulting in low turnover. It is essential that all licenses and certificates are up-to-date and the latest requirements/newest technologies are fully understood. This role requires at least 10+ years of experience as a captain on yachts.

Job Responsibilities

  • Ultimate safety for passengers, crew, environment and vessel
  • Achieving owner's objectives
  • Crew hiring and dismissal
  • Personnel management
  • Shipyard/project management
  • Legal and regulatory compliance
  • Navigation
  • Accounting

Required Skills

  • Calm and charismatic personality
  • Superior leadership, communication, management and diplomacy skills
  • Excellent boat handling and navigational skills
  • Excellent ISM and ISPS knowledge and practices
  • Excellent maintenance, engineering and technical / troubleshooting experience
  • Ability to remain calm and give directions in an emergency situation
  • Organized and methodical
  • Financial management

Salary Modifiers

  • Speaks multiple languages fluently
  • New build experience
  • Project Management certification or Management degree

  • Limited experience in intended cruising area
  • Lack of experience on a similar size vessel
Senior Master operating s yacht's throttle control
Yacht in Sunrise
Yacht leaving the city in the distance
Yachts control panel with navigational display
night view of yacht's helm with displays
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Aerial view of a yacht
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