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Yacht Position : Purser

About the Purser

The purser on board a yacht is responsible for the financial management and administration of the vessel under the captain’s direction. This role may also direct the overall management of the interior department depending on the size and needs of the vessel. This position requires knowledge of ISM and ISPS, excellent computer skills in a variety of programs including Microsoft Office and various accounting software, along with superior communication skills. The purser communicates with onshore vendors, contractors, owners/guests and represents the yacht in a variety of situations. A vast knowledge of wines, food, restaurants and onshore activities is essential to success. A strong candidate will have at least five years of experience in the superyacht industry in addition to corporate land-based experience.

Job Responsibilities

  • Financial administration for the entire yacht
  • All operations of the interior department
  • Interior inventory
  • Interior purchasing and provisioning
  • Liaising with guests and all crew
  • Orchestrating guest activities
  • Assisting captain with ships paperwork

Required Skills

  • Financial management
  • Advanced computer skills
  • Chief stewardess experience
  • Superior communications, organization, diplomacy and delegation
  • Familiar with ISM and ISPS protocols
  • Vast knowledge of wines, service and housekeeping
  • Knowledge of restaurants and activities in cruising areas
  • Service skills – silver service, wine, cocktails, table setting, bartending
  • Housekeeping skills – laundry, stain removal, delicate surface care, beds and flowers

Salary Modifiers

  • Speaks multiple languages fluently
  • New build experience
  • Business/Accounting degree
  • Advance medical training/certificate

  • Limited knowledge of intended cruising area
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