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Yacht Position : Executive Chef

A Yacht Executive Chef Salary with 5 to 10 years of experience is between $8,000 and $9,000 per month | 10+ years is between $9,000 and $10,000 per month

About the Executive Chef

The executive chef onboard a luxury superyacht is a culinary trained professional responsible for the overall management of the galley department on larger yachts, including guest and crew meals, provisioning, food safety, maintaining strict hygiene standards and financial/budgetary administration. A successful candidate for this position will have excellent references, experience provisioning in various regions of the world and a good understanding of maintaining a budget effectively. This role requires strong communication/presentation skills, the ability to thoroughly understand guest preferences, extensive food and nutrition knowledge, creative menu planning, an artistic flair and at least five years in the capacity of head chef.

Job Responsibilities

  • Provisioning of all food items
  • Guest and crew meals and nutrition
  • Food safety and storage standards
  • Adhering to budget
  • Galley and food inventory
  • Galley safety and sanitary standards
  • Management of other galley staff

Required Skills

  • Vast knowledge of produce and ability to provision in obscure parts of the world
  • Ability to provision to a budget
  • Knowledge of nutrition, diets and allergies, food safety and storage
  • Menu planning, varied repertoire and wine knowledge
  • Excellent creativity and presentation skills
  • Organized, time management and adaptability
  • Accounting and computer skills
  • Ability to overcome seasickness

Salary Modifiers

  • Specialty cuisine experience/certification (i.e. vegan, macrobiotic)
  • Experience provisioning in designated cruising area
  • Resume “wow” factors (i.e. culinary competition winner, Michelin star head chef position)

  • • Limited computer skills
Executive Chef preparing a meal
Custard and berry dessert with ice cream
Hors d'oeuvre using a pastry cone
Hors d'oeuvre platter 1
Vegetables in a rice paper wrap
Chef cooking a meal
Tuna and salmon sushi rolls
Hors d'oeuvre platter 5

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