11/13/2014 Crew

Fall hiring season is here! Stand out from the crowd

Boat show season marks the start of a flood of new jobs through the luxury yachts crew agency (over 300 active jobs as of November 13th)....and more crew looking to fill those jobs (over 3,000 per day check in looking for work).

By Rupert Connor
Taking a picture of yourself at work and using it to supplement your resume is a good way to show that you know the industry.

With so many crew looking for jobs how do you stand out from the crowd?

Each crew coordinator is trained to look for key attributes from each applicant:

  • Experience. Your last three jobs are really important to graph your career path. Including accurate information about those jobs is important...and make sure that your referees know that we may be calling to verify the data that you gave us.
  • Certification. Is your license suitable for the job that you are aiming for? Whilst we love crew with lofty ambition....don't aim too high.
  • Personality. What makes you a great crew mate? We love crew who let their personality show when they interview with us. It helps us match you up with the right type of employer. You don't have to do cartwheels in the interview but if you like to work with a crew that are musical, fitness freaks or play chess....your crew coordinator needs to know this information.

Most crew agency hiring decisions are made based upon personality....the employers presume that we are only sending candidates with the right experiences and certifications....so let your personality shine!