The Luxury Job Market

26 Jan 2016
The culture of service
The culture of service
26 Jan 2016

The highest standard of service is rare and attainable for a privileged few. There is international demand for employees with traditional service training.

The recent interest in the Downton Abbey television series has rekindled interest in the ceremonies of service. Despite the assumption many hold that traditional service is out-of-date, butlers and other positions delivering luxury service have never become obsolete.

Luxury Yacht Group regularly places candidates in positions aboard yachts, on private jets, and at estates to deliver a personalized high standard of service. The culture of five star service is differentiated by anticipatory service, private and confidential interface, and “invisible” attention to detail.

The culture of service requires training in the specifics of delivery. Candidates for luxury service positions as personal assistant, lifestyle manager, estate manager, chef, stewardess, or executive housekeeper must have verified experience in:

  • Event planning
  • Managerial skills
  • Financial management
  • Silver service and dining etiquette
  • Food service and food handling safety
  • International protocols and multicultural preferences
  • Risk management
  • Housekeeping
  • Care of clothing, art and sculpture
  • Wine and spirits
  • First aid

With the required basic skills, decorum and traditional manners are assumed. Creativity and the ability to provide innovative solutions are differentiating characteristics Luxury Yacht Group is able to assess in each candidate prior to recommending them for a position.

At Luxury Yacht Group our placement coordinators are as discerning as our clients in the yachting industry, private airline ventures, and the business of estate management. We have proven experience in matching client needs and expectations with the perfect candidate.

A crew agency is a valuable partner in the hiring process
The Crew Hiring Process — A Captain’s Advice

Those familiar with the yachting industry understand that crew turnover is a constant. While the selection and hiring process is often seen as a necessary evil, a standardized hiring process can turn a distasteful task into something much simpler. The increased efficiency of a process can translate into identifying the best candidates faster and with less effort.

11 Nov 2015

British Virgin Islands Are Open For Yacht Cruising This Winter
British Virgin Islands Are Open For Yacht Cruising This Winter.

Category 5 hurricanes are very rare so when the North East Caribbean saw back to back direct hits from Irma and Maria in September of 2017 it was obvious that the upcoming cruising season was going to be drastically altered. 85% of yachts that had planned to cross the Atlantic remained in the Mediterranean and USA based yachts stayed well away. The question everyone is asking, “With the 2017/18 season a total loss can yachts once again sail the Virgin waters?”

17 Aug 2018

A Reintroduction to the Superyacht Cost Calculator
A Reintroduction to the Superyacht Cost Calculator

In October 2018 Luxury Yacht Group launches the third major revision to our superyacht cost calculator. The newest version has been built using our experience as professional yacht accountants and financial advisors. Our yacht management team has over 100 combined years of experience working with real operating numbers for superyachts. Additionally, we took feedback from hundreds of owners, captains and yachting industry experts who have been among the 15,000 users of the previous versions of this tool to make some major changes.

27 Aug 2018