Mini-ISM Compliance

The management support team at Luxury Yacht Group has been providing custom ISM and ISPS services to yachts since the inception of the codes. Working together with Captains and various regulatory bodies our systems have been refined and proven over the years.


All charter and commercially registered yachts over 500GRT must comply with the International Safety Management Code (ISM) regardless of their flag state. This code is set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) with established guidelines and systems for the safe operation of yachts with regards to the safety of the passengers, crew and the protection of the environment.

Luxury Yacht Group develops custom safety management solutions for each yacht, accommodating the requirements of the owner and their crew whilst still complying with regulations. In close cooperation with the Captain and the crew the system will be steadily evolving to improve safe working practices and constantly reduce risks in onboard operations.

The services provided by Luxury Yacht Group are:

  • Designated Persion Ashore
  • Safetey Management Manual, documentation, implementation and maintenance
  • Crew Training
  • ISM Auditor
  • Assistance with external audits

Luxury Yacht Group is one of the few yachting companies to have been certified to operate their ISM systems onboard commercial SOLAS compliant passenger yachts up to 36 passengers.

LY2 and mini ISM

The large yacht code (LY2) was developed specifically for commercial yachts and is more flexible with compliance to international regulations by taking into consideration the particular characteristics of yachts. The code covers construction, equipment, crew and safety and requires that all charter yachts under 500 GRT must implement a safety management system. This is more commonly referred to as ‘mini ISM’. Private yachts recognize the advantages of this safety system and are voluntarily complying with ISM, as a yacht working with safe working practices has fewer surprises and operates with a more predictable budget.


The International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) was developed in response to the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and aims to enhance the protection of ships against theft, unauthorized boarding and the security of crew and passengers.

Luxury Yacht Group provides a solution for your yacht that whilst still adhering to the code is also simple and manageable. Our services include:

  • Company Security Officer
  • Ship Security Assessment and Plan
  • Liaison with flag state for Plan approval
  • Ship Security Officer and crew training
  • Implementation and monitoring of the system onboard by internal audits
  • Assistance with external audits