How to Use Crew App

Luxury Yacht Crew provides one of the most interactive crew search and selection services in the world. Our goal is to connect qualified and experienced crew with yacht owners and captains who need new crew.

We see about 3,000 crew per day that login, register or update their files for employment plus hundreds of employers that are seeking that perfect crew member. We are the world's largest yacht crew agency.


Once in the crew section of the website you can register online and add new job orders.

By simply adding a few specifics about your vessel and job the system will search through the thousands of available crew and show you, in order of preference, those that meet your requirements.

You can browse through the resumes of suitable crew and request an interview or make notes on the suitability of each candidate.

An experienced crew coordinator will also review the candidates that the computer system suggested and after speaking with the employer will make further recommendations focusing upon your specific needs. We take our role as your search and selection specialists very seriously and we pride ourselves on making the best possible match between employer and crew. Our crew placement specialists will try to only recommend their three best candidates so that you will not feel inundated with the sheer volume of candidates available.

The crew coordinator can coordinate interviews and following a successful interview will be happy to assist you with contractual issues, pre-employment background screens, drug testing or to arrange flights to the yacht.

Crew is the perfect online location to help start your next great yachting adventure. Our crew placement coordinators care about your next job and we want you as our client now and for many years to come.

To begin with you must create an online profile so that we have a clear picture of what you are looking for. Start creating your profile here.

Pleased be as detailed as possible. Key things to remember to include –

  • Accurate contact information. If you do not have a pager or cell phone then please check your e-mail very regularly.
  • A recent photograph. The photograph should be a head and shoulders portrait, preferably in a nautical environment. Please avoid using a picture from a social environment. Remember that this photograph will be the first impression that a potential employer will have of you. If you have a problem with the photo we will take your picture at our office free of charge.
  • Information on your last three jobs. Yachting jobs are generally given to candidates with similar experience and to candidates who show a solid career path. Please include the real reason for leaving a job. We do check references and any inconsistencies will restrict our ability to place you.

Once your online profile is complete submit your information for our review and we will inform you once your file has been reviewed and is active.

Depending upon your location, experience and the current job market we may call you for interview immediately. We do not interview all crew unless we have a potential position for you.

Once we introduce you to a potential employer please understand that you are a reflection of our business and we appreciate your professional actions towards our client. A few key pointers –

  • Respond swiftly to phone or e-mail messages
  • Keep your file up to date with accurate phone numbers and your location
  • If you are not interested in the position let them know quickly
  • Think overnight before accepting a position. Speak to the crew coordinator if you have any questions. Often a small question that goes un-answered at the start of a job can result in a position ending sooner than it should.
  • If you turn down a position please do not share the contact information for the employer with your friends or other crew.
  • We are here to help you remain employed. Do not be afraid to call us for work advice at any time…even years after we place you onboard.

Thank you for using our website. This site is constantly under development with new features, many of which were suggested by our employers and crew. If you see something on this site that could be improved please let us know by emailing to

For assistance with creating your online profile please call –

In the USA - +1 954 525 9959

In France - +33 (0)4 97 21 37 84

Or e-mail -

Thank you!

The Luxury Yacht Crew Team