1/11/2016 Crew


By Notices

A series of International Maritime Organization (IMO) amendments which were adopted in May 2014 became effective January 1, 2016.

Most of the amendments are applicable to commercial shipping, but two have relevance to yachting.

  • The Life-Saving Appliance (LSA) code has adjusted testing requirements. Adult lifejackets are meant to assure buoyancy of and stability of an unconscious or exhausted person overboard.
    • In the amendment there are additional specifications and testing for adult, child, and infant personal life-saving appliances
    • Materials, components, and construction guidelines are also detailed
  • Galley requirements for vessels carrying not more than 36 passengers are focused on the containment of a fire
    • Exhaust ducts, dampers, ventilation, and grease trap design and functionality are described

Additional points in the amendments for fire escape routes, laundry areas, and stairwells may have application for future superyacht design. The full text of the amendment which became applicable January 1 is available.