Natalie Shipley

Natalie Shipley Luxury Yacht Group

Natalie Shipley

Crew Coordinator

The yachting industry combines Natalie’s love of people and cultures. While working on a Psychology degree in Australia, she spent university holidays travelling to explore the world. Stepping aboard yachts as a stewardess was another voyage of discovery. She spent three years prior to joining Luxury Yacht Group on a combination of private and charter trips.

Natalie feels the yachting industry is unique in the way it delivers satisfaction to both crew members and yacht owners when a job is well-done. Having spent 6 years while she lived in Australia doing recruiting, she acknowledges the importance of making a connection when placing crew. “A good placement can mean happiness and the creation of life memories.”

How did she decide to join LuxYachts? “Similar to how I first entered yachting – a chance meeting and conversation lead me to the opportunity at Luxury Yacht Group. They have a lot of influence in the industry and continue to grow as a company. Even though there is a distance between members of the team, there is a great support network for the employees with each other and management.”

Natalie has a wide range of personal interests. Equally interested in current affairs and ancient civilization, action sports and quiet artwork, time away from work is fully scheduled!